Conventional Machining Surrey

When it comes to machining parts, you have two options, conventional and non-conventional machining. Non-conventional machines are becoming more popular because they can be pre-programmed and don’t require an operator; however, conventional machines are often more accurate and deliver better results. BEC Engineering offers conventional machinery in Surrey.

If you want parts made using the Bridgeport Machine Centre, contact BEC Engineering today, but we can also manufacture parts using driven tooling and sub-spindles and turret milling machines to provide better accuracy, reliability, and quality to enhance the business reputation.
Conventional Machinery?
When it comes to machinery, there are two types: conventional and non-conventional. Non-conventional machinery is fully automated, there is no need for manual controls, and the machines can be pre-programmed, either manually, by a computer, or by using a robot.

Conventional machines are manually operated; they include machines such as lathes, moulding equipment, welding equipment, and more. While non-conventional machines are becoming more widespread conventional ones are still used for their reliability, accessibility, and cost.
Bridgeport Machining Centre
Bridgeport is a leading brand in the world of conventional machinery. For decades, Bridgeport has been designing and supplying milling machines, drilling machines, and metal machines used for machining tools and parts. BEC Engineering uses the Bridgeport Machining Centre.

BEC Engineering uses a full range of Bridgeport equipment for machining tools and parts; that’s why the engineering division can guarantee high-quality precision parts. With this conventional equipment, there is more chance of a reliable outcome when you order engineering equipment.
Driven Tooling and Sub Spindle
If you want high-quality precision engineering, you need to know who to partner with; BEC Engineering offers decades of experience and professional engineering services at all levels. When it comes to driven tooling and sub-spindles, conventional approaches are advantageous.

Sub spindles allow a tool or part to be precision engineered from both sides. Of course, there are non-conventional machines that can be pre-programmed, but there is sometimes a limitation in the fractions you can achieve. Conventional tooling offers more accuracy when tooling parts.
Turret Milling Machine
Turret milling machines are highly versatile tooling machines used for cutting, tooling, drilling, planing, and contouring. A typical turret milling machine has a cutting tool and perpendicular table; the piece to be milled is set on the table and moved around the tool, which stays fixed.

While there are many types of milling machines available, perhaps the most popular and most complicated to operate is the turret milling machine. Again, these machines can be pre-programmed, but if you want more accurate results, enlist the help of an expert operator.
BEC Engineering
If you need a part or a tool manufactured for your business, choose conventional machinery Surrey, which offers better quality and accuracy when it comes to delivering equipment. BEC Engineering has decades of experience crafting quality parts that are reliable and traceable.

BEC Engineering offers conventional machinery and operators in Surrey, but it is also dedicated to attention to detail and quality manufacturing. Whether you need a part tooled for the aviation industry, electronic manufacturing, or other commercial interest, contact us today for details.